Metrogate Santa Rosa - AMENITIES

For the safety, comfort and convenience of its residents, Metrogate Sta. Rosa were provided with various amenities and recreational facilities including the best residential features. 

Features and Amenities:

  • Entrance Gate with Guard House – a fully gated entrance manned by a well-trained Security Guard is available as the first layer of security measures. Incoming and outgoing cars and visitors that pass through the gate is being documented through the Security Log Book. 
  • Street Lighting on Meralco Posts – The entire community is powered by Meralco, and that includes the electrical posts, which seldom happen because inner posts are mostly supplied by the developer. With Meralco posts inside, it is easier to detect and repair electrical problems. 
  • Concrete Road Network – These concrete road networks enable residents to have an easier and faster mobility. 
  • Fully established Underground Drainage System – A Well-engineered underground drainage system is in place to facilitate easy draining of water during heavy rainfall and to easily facilitate sanitary disposals. 
  • Multi-Purpose Hall – The majestic image of Metrogate Sta. Rosa’s multi-purpose hall symbolizes strength, unity and progress for the community. With this building around, private family affairs can be safely held without any trouble. Worry no more – you have a great place to celebrate family birthdays, Weddings or anniversaries. This is also a great place for community affairs and events. 
  • Children’s Playground – Weekends are kids’ day off and most of the time parents bring them somewhere else to enjoy. With Metrogate’s Sta. Rosa’s children playground, fun and safety is synonymous this time. The children playground has been provided with great facilities for every children to enjoy. Another great place children to learn how to socialize at an early age. 
  • Bar – with our in – house bar to provide you a relaxing night out, you don’t have to travel somewhere else to enjoy with friends. 
  • Swimming Pools – Children and adults, alike have a place to cool down on weekends, that’s our beautifully designed swimming pool. A great venue to relax, cool down, enjoy and even socialize. It is much safer here and due to its distance to your home, actually more convenient. 
  • Tennis Court & Volleyball Court – Not everyone can play basketball so a tennis court and a volleyball court were provided. Men and women who would love to play lawn tennis or volleyball can now enjoy these games without travelling somewhere else. These two (2) courts were generously provided by Moldex Properties for tennis and volleyball sports lovers, usually not commonly found in other residential places. 
  • Basketball Court – To allow men of all ages to sweat their work pressures out of their system, a basketball court was provided. One great place to socialize and remain healthy. 
  • Children's playground
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower rooms
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court
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